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Client Project - Eclectic Master Bathroom Remodel

Sarah Bradburn

I'm currently working on the design plan for a new client's master bathroom. It's a complete gut job and I'm loving that we're starting with a blank slate. From the 80's 12x12 ceramic tile with 1/2" grout lines to the tragic orange peel texture on the walls, it's all going!

The overall vibe of the remodel is inspired by this image from Amber Interiors:

My clients and I love the modern, clean lines in this bathroom. The wife was also really drawn to the rug and loved how it provided a warm and vintage counterbalance to all those hard edges. As I create the design plan, I'll be working to blend his love of "modern zen" with her love of unexpected, funky touches.

One element that we all agree is a "must have" for this new master bathroom is a floating vanity. It's a little modern and a little unexpected which makes both of my clients more than a little happy and that makes me really really happy.

At first glance, a floating vanity might seem appropriate only in modern homes but they actually translate really well to just about any style.

From an eclectic, mid-century vibe...

To a more classically inspired take:

How gorgeous is this marble floating vanity?

So far this bathroom redesign is off to a beautiful start. I'll be sharing more about the design plan in the coming weeks, including some fabulous tile and lighting. Stay tuned!