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Bold & Vibrant Bedroom E-Design

Sarah Bradburn

About a year ago, a client I had previously worked with requested my help with her guest bedroom. So far she had purchased an upholstered headboard and not much else.  To stretch her budget a little further, she also decided to reuse some curtains and a dresser that were already in the room. We had some of the main ingredients but what this room needed was pattern, personality and bold color - all things that this particular client absolutely LOVES and that the room definitely LACKED.

Over the years I’ve gotten used to clients asking me to tone down the color and keep the patterns on the simple side so it’s always a treat when a client isn’t afraid to go bold.

Because my client is a savvy shopper who loves the fun of pulling a room together (and is really great at it as you’ll soon see!) we decided my “E-Design” services would be the best fit for her. With E-Design, clients receive all of my interior design expertise and creativity but because they’re doing all of the ordering and installation themselves, they get to work with me at a great price point.

The color palette for the room was inspired by a great piece of abstract art that had caught my client’s eye. Since I know how much she adores bold color and pattern, this is the design I presented to her:

 She absolutely loved the design plan and couldn’t wait to get started ordering and installing!  A couple of weeks ago she sent photos of her finished guest room (completed just in time for a weekend guest!) and I’m so thrilled with how it came together.

That tassel pillow is EVERYTHING!!!

That tassel pillow is EVERYTHING!!!

I love how she styled this bedside table!

I love how she styled this bedside table!

She did such a great job and the animal print pillows she added are a really fun touch! I love when my clients get inspired by my design and add their own creativity.

Because I’m not there on site to help install E-Design projects, clients also receive helpful tools like an “Installation Guide” which walks them through how to hang art, style any tabletops or bookshelves, placing furniture, arranging pillows and even making a beautiful bed.


E-Design also includes spec sheets and everything you need for purchasing all of the items in your design package. I’m constantly brainstorming ways to improve this service to make it even easier for me and my clients to utilize. In the very near future I’m planning to have this all take place in a portal on my website. Clients will receive their very own project dashboard that they can log into. I’m REALLY excited about this change so stay tuned!

This guest bedroom project didn’t have a huge budget but we were able to create a truly beautiful room together using online retailers like Target, Etsy and Wayfair. E-Design is great for budget-conscious and higher end spaces alike. If you’ve got the time and desire to invest a little of your own “sweat equity”, my E-Design services will help you achieve a beautiful and well-designed result.