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Designed in a Day Miracle! - Outdoor Transformation

Sarah Bradburn

Just before the holiday break, a client who I’ve done several rooms for over the last year or so, asked me to work a designer miracle for her. Family members would be coming in the first week of January to see their sweet, newborn baby girl and she needed the atrium designed and furnished before they arrived.  The atrium is what you see the moment you walk in the front door and she decided it had been an uninviting “catch all” space long enough.

With only a few weeks to pull this together, we wasted no time getting right to work. With my “Designed in a Day” service, we solidified furniture, rugs, artwork (a Texas star as a nod to their previous home state) and decorative accessories.

While we needed patio furniture fast, my clients didn’t want to compromise on quality just to finish the space on time. Finding a decent selection of patio furniture in December can be tricky but fortunately for my client, I knew of a great local resource that had exactly what we needed - in stock and ready to deliver. Hallelujah.

Normally with my “Designed in a Day” service, the clients handle all the ordering and everything ships right to them. They’re hiring me just to create a fabulous design plan that they can purchase and install as their budget and schedule allow. However, since this was an existing client and because outdoor rugs and pillows are nearly impossible to find in local stores right now, I ordered those items for her through one of my “Trade Only” manufacturers. Everything else was ordered by my client through retailers like World Market, Crate and Barrel and West Elm.

We're waiting on the Texas star which will be centered between the two windows on the wall above

We're waiting on the Texas star which will be centered between the two windows on the wall above

The outdoor rugs and pillows shipped directly to her home along with everything else and we were able to hit that January 3rd deadline with days to spare. Phew! Once everything had arrived, she hired me to come back to put on a few finishing touches.

I love the bright color and cozy vibe we were able to achieve in such a short amount of time. This grouping of four club chairs makes for such a great use of this space. I know I’d spend a lot of time there reading, relaxing or entertaining guests.  

They already had the dining table and chairs. All this space needed was a bit of color and personality. So I brought in some outdoor pillows and a few tabletop accessories to dress it up.

The mason jars are perfect for holding silverware and napkins. Love!

The mason jars are perfect for holding silverware and napkins. Love!

This was one fast and furious project but it’s so rewarding to have such a quick transformation. That’s what I absolutely LOVE about “Designed in a Day”.  Clients get all of my creativity and expertise and because they handle all of the purchasing and installation I can offer it at a really great price point. What also made this "Designed in a Day" so successful was my client being so on top of getting everything ordered ASAP.

It's not often that the stars align so perfectly to allow for such a quick and dramatic result. I'm so thrilled I could help make this happen for my client! She got a beautiful, polished space just in time to celebrate a very special time with her family. Happy client = Happy designer!