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Client Project Reveal - Master Bedroom Design

Sarah Bradburn

Well hello and Happy New Year! I'm back with my first post of 2017 and am so excited to share this master bedroom I recently installed for one of my clients. I had already helped this particular client with a couple of other rooms in her house and she was so thrilled with how they turned out that she was ready to tackle their master bedroom.

They already had the bed, dresser and nightstands and that's about it. It was a beautiful room with high ceilings, beautiful hardwood floors and really great light but it lacked color, pattern and personality. And that's just what it got.

We kept the color palette simple with shades of blue, grey and taupe. A great mix of pattern with the area rug, drapery and pillow fabrics added a dose of visual interest without being too crazy. It's a master bedroom after all and we still wanted it to feel restful.

We also created an inviting seating area where my clients can curl up and relax. We needed an area rug to anchor and define that space but I decided to change things up and put down a hide rug. It's an unexpected touch that really works.

I love how this desk area came together. We wanted a spot to do a little work but the last thing we wanted was anything "office-y" and this classically inspired desk was perfect. I'm in love with this whole vignette - especially the artwork.

The master bedroom was already beautifully designed by my clients and their builder but we wanted to bring in some extra style and storage. I love adding a piece of furniture in a bathroom. It brings such warmth and character into a room.

We finished off this space with a sparkling capiz chandelier and added a charming tub-side table. Wouldn't you love to relax in that tub with a great book and glass of wine?

2017 is starting off with a bang at SEID. We're wrapping up a couple of small projects this month and kicking off 4 new ones! I can't wait to share the progress with you.