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Colorful Bedroom Design Plan

Sarah Bradburn

Hello and Happy Friday to you!

Today I'm sharing the design plans for a guest bedroom makeover I'm currently doing for my toughest, pickiest, most annoying client ever.


My guest bedroom has undergone a couple of mini makeovers throughout the years. My goal for a room that is primarily for guests has usually been to keep it calm, soothing and relaxing. This go-around, I'm turning that concept on its head in a big way! I've decided to go bold bold bold with color and pattern. I couldn't be more excited to go all out in creating a beautiful, dynamic room that is full of all the things I love!

When I start to design any room, I always begin with fabrics and let them dictate the palette and style throughout. For this project, I've selected the much-loved Chiang Mai by Schumacher as my lead fabric. There are SO many gorgeous colors in this pattern that the sky really is the limit when it comes to adding additional fabrics.

Chiang Mai Schumacher

I've ordered a custom headboard in navy linen to keep it timeless and for all of the brighter colors to play off of. The drapery will be in the dotted print by Kate Spade for Kravet. I'm debating on whether or not to add the navy polka dot trim along the leading edge. What do you guys think?

Also on the bed will be two orange tasseled pillows. I am absolutely in love with them and will be adding them to my online shop which will open later in the fall.

navy headboard

The bedding is still a work in progress but at the foot of the bed I'll be placing a pair of these brass and faux ostrich stools by World's Away for some modern glamour.

brass xstool

Also going into the bedroom is a vintage campaign dresser that I've had in storage for months while I debated selling it versus keeping it. The wood tones will be the perfect complement to all of this color and the campaign style brings a classic style element to the room.

campaign dresser

This room is going to be such a stunner! There are a few other elements that I'm keeping a surprise until the final reveal which will take place next month but I think this sneak peek gives you a pretty good idea of the direction. Bold, glamorous, classic and colorful!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous weekend!


If you'd like help designing a bold and beautiful home that you absolutely LOVE, head on over to my Contact Page to get started.