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Friday It List!

Sarah Bradburn

Welcome to the weekend!

Is it October yet? I don't know about you guys but I've had enough summer already. It's especially depressing knowing that although kids are headed back to school soon we've still got at least 2 full months of 100+ degree heat ahead of us. Oy. So until that first hint of cool, crisp air arrives, we'll spend our weekends not outside enjoying beautiful evenings but sequestered indoors with the AC blasting away.

This week's "It List" is full of great things to help a weekend spent indoors in "Phoenix Summer Survival Mode" become just a bit more enjoyable.


You certainly don't want to do anything crazy like heat up your house cooking something complicated when it's 110 degrees out. You also want something delicious to eat while binge-watching whatever it is you're currently hooked on (I have a recommendation later in this post). This incredibly delicious "Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce" couldn't be more perfect. It looks amazing, it smells amazing and it tastes amazing. Just be sure to chop up your onions nice and fine and buy quality pureed tomatoes. When a recipe is this simple, you can't skimp on the quality of ingredients. A splash or two of wine added a couple of minutes before the tomatoes go into the pan never hurt anyone either.

Recipe and Image via The Pioneer Woman

Recipe and Image via The Pioneer Woman


If you're looking for something binge-worthy to watch and like me, you love Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch novels, you should be watching "Bosch" on Amazon Prime. The series gives you all of that "L.A. Noir", jazzy moodiness that readers have fallen in love with and Titus Welliver IS Harry Bosch.



Everyone needs a "go to" sangria recipe in their back pocket and this one is pretty close to mine. Room temperature red wine can feel a bit much in warm weather but thankfully someone invented sangria. This basic recipe gets better sitting overnight in the fridge and if you want to stretch it out or make it a bit more festive, top it off with a little seltzer or La Croix.


Did you hear the news that designer-stylist-blogger Emily Henderson bought a new house? Well she did and it's quite a departure from the mid-century style for which she's so well-known. I can't wait to see how she renovates this Tudor-style home. I am so happy to hear she's going to focus on a classic, more traditional style but have no doubt she'll bring something unexpected to the mix. Her family plans on moving in by the end of the year so we have lots of remodeling and decorating posts to look forward to. The house already has such great bones so it'll be fun to watch the transformation.


If you do venture out this weekend and find yourself in the CenPho area in need of a snack and a break then Copper Star Coffee on 7th Ave would be a really great spot for both. Not only do they have delicious coffee and teas (the iced earl grey is perfection) but the homemade pastries are worth every last calorie. It's a great spot for lunch too (the curry chicken sandwich is my favorite) and sometimes you might even stumble onto live musicians performing. Great coffee, great food, super nice staff and a great vibe. Everything you want in a local coffee shop.

Good luck passing up the pastry case!

Good luck passing up the pastry case!

Have a fabulous weekend and please let me know if you try out any of these recommendations. I for one will be making that sangria and the pasta to accompany me on the sofa as I soak up everything Olympics all weekend long.


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