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Add Style to your Office

Sarah Bradburn

I'm not a mom so I don't know for sure when school actually starts anymore but judging by the longer than usual lines at Target, I'm guessing it's pretty soon. As a kid I loved back to school shopping but not so much for clothes. That's probably because my mom always picked out our new clothes and she and I had very different ideas about what a seventh grader should and shouldn't wear to junior high. Let's just say that based on my "picked out by mom" attire, I looked more like I should be driving carpool than riding in one. Not cute. At. All.

The best part of back to school shopping in my mind was picking out new pencils and cute erasers, a fresh Trapper Keeper (really showing my age here!) and my absolute favorite school supply, loads and loads of lined paper.

As an adult, I still love office supplies and while my tastes have changed considerably from 80's neon colors and purple unicorns on everything, my obsession with stylish notepads and desk accessories has not.

So while you're out shopping for your kid's school supplies, don't forget to pick up a little something chic and pretty for your office. In case you need a little inspiration, I've put together a collection of some stylish desk accessories that have caught my eye lately.

1. Occasion & Contacts Address Book by Kate Spade - I know digital is more convenient in our "always on the go" world but there's something so nostalgic about an old school address book that I love.

2. Strike Gold File Organizer by Kate Spade

3. Business Card Holder - No more digging into the dark recesses of my purse looking for a business card that isn't bent or smudged with lip gloss that exploded everywhere. I am ordering this today!

4. Eat Cake for Breakfast Travel Mug - Because oatmeal is for suckers.

5. Baroque Box by Arteriors Home - Store all those not-so-chic desk necessities in this ultra-chic box. What's inside this gorgeous box? Jewelry? Expensive Chocolates? The secret to life? No, just paper clips.

6. To Do Notepad from Frances Vintage - If you love making lists as much as I do, why not make them on this charming notepad? Sure you could order it online but trust me, you'd be so much happier if you popped into Frances Vintage on Camelback & Central. After you shop the heck out of Frances, head across the street to Windsor for delicious cocktails.

7. Whiskey Coffee Mug by Jac Vanek - Hey, it's your office and we know it's probably just coffee or tea in your mug but this one's so much cooler than that "Dog is my Co-Pilot" mug you've been using.

8. Crescent Tape Dispenser by Anthropologie - Anything gold or brass instantly feels just a little more fancy and a little extra special.

Happy shopping and have a wonderful weekend!