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Designed in a Day Miracle! - Outdoor Transformation

Sarah Bradburn

Just before the holiday break, a client who I’ve done several rooms for over the last year or so, asked me to work a designer miracle for her. Family members would be coming in the first week of January to see their sweet, newborn baby girl and she needed the atrium designed and furnished before they arrived.  The atrium is what you see the moment you walk in the front door and she decided it had been an uninviting “catch all” space long enough.

With only a few weeks to pull this together, we wasted no time getting right to work. With my “Designed in a Day” service, we solidified furniture, rugs, artwork (a Texas star as a nod to their previous home state) and decorative accessories.

While we needed patio furniture fast, my clients didn’t want to compromise on quality just to finish the space on time. Finding a decent selection of patio furniture in December can be tricky but fortunately for my client, I knew of a great local resource that had exactly what we needed - in stock and ready to deliver. Hallelujah.

Normally with my “Designed in a Day” service, the clients handle all the ordering and everything ships right to them. They’re hiring me just to create a fabulous design plan that they can purchase and install as their budget and schedule allow. However, since this was an existing client and because outdoor rugs and pillows are nearly impossible to find in local stores right now, I ordered those items for her through one of my “Trade Only” manufacturers. Everything else was ordered by my client through retailers like World Market, Crate and Barrel and West Elm.

We're waiting on the Texas star which will be centered between the two windows on the wall above

We're waiting on the Texas star which will be centered between the two windows on the wall above

The outdoor rugs and pillows shipped directly to her home along with everything else and we were able to hit that January 3rd deadline with days to spare. Phew! Once everything had arrived, she hired me to come back to put on a few finishing touches.

I love the bright color and cozy vibe we were able to achieve in such a short amount of time. This grouping of four club chairs makes for such a great use of this space. I know I’d spend a lot of time there reading, relaxing or entertaining guests.  

They already had the dining table and chairs. All this space needed was a bit of color and personality. So I brought in some outdoor pillows and a few tabletop accessories to dress it up.

The mason jars are perfect for holding silverware and napkins. Love!

The mason jars are perfect for holding silverware and napkins. Love!

This was one fast and furious project but it’s so rewarding to have such a quick transformation. That’s what I absolutely LOVE about “Designed in a Day”.  Clients get all of my creativity and expertise and because they handle all of the purchasing and installation I can offer it at a really great price point. What also made this "Designed in a Day" so successful was my client being so on top of getting everything ordered ASAP.

It's not often that the stars align so perfectly to allow for such a quick and dramatic result. I'm so thrilled I could help make this happen for my client! She got a beautiful, polished space just in time to celebrate a very special time with her family. Happy client = Happy designer!


Client Project Reveal - Master Bedroom Design

Sarah Bradburn

Well hello and Happy New Year! I'm back with my first post of 2017 and am so excited to share this master bedroom I recently installed for one of my clients. I had already helped this particular client with a couple of other rooms in her house and she was so thrilled with how they turned out that she was ready to tackle their master bedroom.

They already had the bed, dresser and nightstands and that's about it. It was a beautiful room with high ceilings, beautiful hardwood floors and really great light but it lacked color, pattern and personality. And that's just what it got.

We kept the color palette simple with shades of blue, grey and taupe. A great mix of pattern with the area rug, drapery and pillow fabrics added a dose of visual interest without being too crazy. It's a master bedroom after all and we still wanted it to feel restful.

We also created an inviting seating area where my clients can curl up and relax. We needed an area rug to anchor and define that space but I decided to change things up and put down a hide rug. It's an unexpected touch that really works.

I love how this desk area came together. We wanted a spot to do a little work but the last thing we wanted was anything "office-y" and this classically inspired desk was perfect. I'm in love with this whole vignette - especially the artwork.

The master bedroom was already beautifully designed by my clients and their builder but we wanted to bring in some extra style and storage. I love adding a piece of furniture in a bathroom. It brings such warmth and character into a room.

We finished off this space with a sparkling capiz chandelier and added a charming tub-side table. Wouldn't you love to relax in that tub with a great book and glass of wine?

2017 is starting off with a bang at SEID. We're wrapping up a couple of small projects this month and kicking off 4 new ones! I can't wait to share the progress with you.





Change Is In The Air!

Sarah Bradburn

Is it just me or is this the first time in YEARS that it actually feels like fall in AZ this early? Is this what the rest of the country has been crowing about all this time? I am loving this beautiful fall weather and can’t wait to start enjoying brunches and dinners on restaurant patios once again.

With fall in full swing my thoughts are turning to this last quarter of 2016 and reflecting upon the year so far. As a business owner this is the time I dig in and do a diagnostic check of where my business is and where I want it to go in the future.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that last week I was in Dallas for a conference with an interior design business mastermind group created and led by Tobi Fairley. This year, I’ve attended two other events with an incredible group of designers from all over the country. Each time I come away with a very specific “A-Ha!” moment that inspires me to take action. This trip was no different.

I loved the classical style and beautiful details in the historic Stoneleigh Hotel.

I loved the classical style and beautiful details in the historic Stoneleigh Hotel.

Write here...

Write here...

Since that meeting in Dallas, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on what I love most about being an interior designer and visualizing what type of design business best suits my personality, talents and strengths moving forward. My eyes have really been opened to the possibilities of crafting a business model that is unique to me instead of trying to fit into a mold that never felt 100% authentic. I’m always telling clients and perspective clients that their homes need to reflect them, what they love and how they live. So it only seems logical that a business should reflect the strengths, personality and passion of the owner.

After a lot of soul-searching, I’ve realized that while I love full service design projects and the satisfaction that comes from designing entire rooms or homes, I am incredibly energized by working with a larger variety of clients on quicker “consultation style” projects. I have a ton of enthusiasm about helping people design homes they love and I love to share my knowledge with as many people as possible (hence this blog). Working with full-service budgets is truly wonderful and I’ll never stop pursuing those projects but I also feel driven to offer design services that are accessible to many more people.

So I’m in the midst of creating a whole new menu of consultation packages for people who would love to work with me on designing their homes but who may not have the budget for my full service design. This will be a really great fit for people who want to hire me for my creativity and design expertise but who want to save money by handling their own ordering, project managing and installations.

I’m fine-tuning all of the details and plan on launching these new services by the end of October so stay tuned!  I’m SO excited about tailoring my business in a way that brings great design and great service to more people. I really believe that everyone deserves a beautiful, well-designed home and I hope to be able to help many more people achieve that.

I hope you’ll follow along and thanks for sticking with me throughout this post. I’ll be back to posting pretty and inspiring things later this week.